Sustainability, Landscape & Ecology

Sustainability and Environment

The site lies in a sustainable location, adjacent to areas of existing housing and within walking distance of the centre of Grundisburgh with its range of facilities and services.

There is a primary school, doctor’s surgery and bus stops within walking distance to the site.

It is identified as being in Flood Zone 1 (i.e. low risk) and is not subject to any environmental or heritage designations. As such, the site is well placed to deliver much needed new homes.

Landscape and Ecology

An extended Habitat survey of the site was undertaken in November 2019 to record the main habitat types and species, identify areas of ecological interest, and provide an assessment of the site. In summary the survey identified that:

  • The arable field is considered to be of no more than low ecological value.
  • The hedgerows at the northern and western boundaries support a number of species and should be retained within the scheme, ideally within open space, where possible.
  • A number of semi-mature trees are also present at the site boundaries, which are considered to form important ecological features in their own right, such that consideration should be given to their retention.

The majority of landscape features, including hedgerows and trees, will be retained and enhanced and consideration has been given to minimising any loss for the site access.

The proposal includes a range of opportunities to improve biodiversity, including native planting along retained hedgerows to increase species richness and planting wildflower grassland and new trees in the southern Public Open Space.

Energy Efficiency Measures

The proposal will comply with emerging planning policy requiring higher energy efficiency standards and a reduction in CO2 emissions below the Target CO2 Emission Rate (TER) set out in the Building Regulations.