Planning Context

Grundisburgh is identified as a Large Village in the forthcoming Suffolk Coastal Local Plan settlement hierarchy, reflecting its range of services and facilities including the primary school, convenience store, village hall and doctor’s surgery.

The site is located immediately to the east of the recreation ground in the southern part of the village and is bordered to the north by existing residential development and to the east by Chapel Road. Beyond Park Road to the south of the site is Grundisburgh Hall Park and Garden.

The site is currently in agricultural use, but is proposed to be allocated for residential development of approximately 70 dwellings within the forthcoming Suffolk Coastal Local Plan (Policy SCLP12.52).

Now that the Local Plan has almost completed its examination, Hopkins Homes is preparing a detailed planning application to deliver the new homes on this site. The proposed development has been designed to comply with the policies of the forthcoming Local Plan and in particular the site allocation Policy SCLP12.52 that sets detailed criteria for the development of the site, including:

  • Provision of a mix of housing including types designed to meet the needs of older people;
  • Affordable housing to be provided on site;
  • Provision of public open space for all ages, to act as a focal point for development;
  • Provision of pedestrian access and footways to support access to services and facilities in the village;
  • Design and layout of the development to be sympathetic to the setting of Grundisburgh Hall Park historic park and garden; and
  • Primary vehicular access to be onto Park Road.

Local Plan Policy Map

Community Infrastructure

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a fixed rate payment which Councils can charge to off-set the impact of additional homes on local infrastructure such as roads, schools, open space and health centres.

East Suffolk Council has introduced CIL and the site lies in the High charging zone for CIL at £193.44 per square metre of new floor area (excluding affordable homes). The total levy generated from the development is expected to be in the region of £1.15 million of which 15% would be directed to the local Parish Council.

In addition to a CIL contribution, it is expected that Hopkins Homes will make further contributions to the improvement of local infrastructure and services through a Section 106 legal agreement.