Transport and Drainage

Transport and Parking

The main access will be taken from Park Road, in the form of a priority T-junction and the layout will be pedestrian and cycle friendly.

The principle of access from Park Road has been agreed with the Highways Authority and the proposal includes the widening of Park Road, within land controlled by the Highway Authority and the site landowner. A passing place will also be provided on Chapel Road.


Drainage has been a key consideration in developing these detailed plans and initial testing has been carried. This indicates infiltration drainage will be possible and initial drainage proposals have been drawn up. The proposed drainage strategy would direct surface water to swales running along the main routes through the site. These swales would lead to infiltration basins in the public open space in southern part of the site.

Foul water from the site will be able to drain to the Anglian Water sewer in Park Road. Anglian Water has confirmed a connection can be made at this point. All the main foul water sewers and surface water sewers on the site will be maintained by Anglian Water once constructed.

Park Road Access Plan

Pedestrian Access Plan